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Thirsty for Success, Chester Weber’s Horses Earn Him Silver  and a Spot on Horse Quenchers New Eco-Friendly Pouch
Aug 2012

Thirsty for Success, Chester Weber’s Horses Earn Him Silver and a Spot on Horse Quenchers New Eco-Friendly Pouch

Flemington, NJ (August 27, 2012) – While Combined DriverChester Weber is drinking in the glory of his recent Silver Medal, his image is gracing the new Horse Quencher Eco-friendly pouch. Weber, a nine-time USEF National Four-In- Hand Champion, is now sporting an Individual Silver medal around his neck following a successful weekend at the 2012 FEI Four-in-Hand Driving World Championships. Weber took the Championships by storm, driving away with the Individual Silver while he and his US teammates, Jimmy Fairclough and Joe Yoder, captured the Bronze Team Medal. He explains that being sponsored by Horse Quencher for over two years has added to his success, and for his horses, this relationship was “love at first sip.” “Horse Quencher is a product I didn’t know I needed until I tried it!,” says Weber about his recent success, “Now we don’t leave home without it.”
Horse Quencher is a cocktail that entices horses to drink water. “Although we all joke about the old adage ‘you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink,’ dehydration is no laughing matter,” counsels Nancy Issenman, CEO of Equatic Solutions, makers of Horse Quencher. She continues, “In human studies, it’s been shown that performance drops some 5% per 1% loss in water weight. Managing your horse’s water intake prior to competition is an inexpensive way to not only promote optimal health, but also the highest level of performance readiness.” Issenman also explains that many hospital-based equine veterinarians are now advocating use of Horse Quencher upon discharge to keep their patients drinking more water as they heal. “Horses don’t have the same thirst triggers as humans, as we’ve all seen. Anything from a new neighbor casting a stink eye on them, to a trailer ride, to unfamiliar water visiting another venue can completely put horses off drinking. Horse Quencher reignites their interest in the water bucket; virtually every horse who tries it dives right in,” she describes.
Issenman is also proud to announce that Equatic Solutions has switched the packaging of Horse Quencher from a 3.5 pound bucket to a 3.5 pound pouch. The main reason for the change is that it
is more environmentally friendly which is what customers have been asking for. Printed using low-VOC water-based inks, the empty pouches ship flat and weigh less than an ounce, versus the former
buckets that took up a lot of space and weighed over 3 ounces each. “The materials used in packaging are greatly reduced, as are the required transport resources before and after they’re filled,” continues Issenman. “We have not raised our prices since 2007, and the change in packaging will allow us to continue to hold our prices steady in the face of significant cost increases.”
Also evident on the new Horse Quencher packaging is Chester Webers’ image, bringing with it the prestige of his recent accomplishments. Weber made a name for himself in 2008, when he became
the first American to ever win an individual medal in the Four-in-Hand division at the World Driving Championships. Weber won the Individual Silver that year, and returned this weekend intent on
defending his title – which he did with brilliance. “It was great to be back on the medal podium,” Weber said about his win. “The horses were fantastic the entire weekend. They had the best show of the year.” Weber spent the summer competing in Europe with his team, turning in one successful dressage test after another to become known as “Mr. Dressage.” Weber maintained his “Mr. Dressage” title at the World Championships, winning first place with a score of 33.41. Boyd Exell, of Australia, placed second in dressage, although ultimately Exell took home the Individual Gold. “My team has really shown a remarkable improvement in dressage and it is thrilling that we continue to drive away with the best scores,” Weber reflected. During the World Championships, Weber went into the cones, the final phase of the competition, standing in second place. A nearly flawless cones test helped him secure the Individual Silver. During the cones, Weber drove his own Horus du Bois and Para along with Jane Clark’s Splash and Uniek. “Michael Freund, Ed Young and the entire team of horses and people who participated in the World Championships have clearly shown that the US driving program is becoming a force to be reckoned with.” Weber said, following the excitement of the weekend. “I am honored to be part of such a competitive group.”Weber explained that he and Clark are now working on plans to compete at the World Equestrian Games in 2014 in Normandy. “We will likely show in Kentucky this fall also,” he said. “We will be bringing Ringo and Boris along with that in mind.” As one of America’s most driven and decorated competitors, Weber entered unchartered territory earlier this year when he won the USEF Four-In-Hand Championship for the ninth time. The combined forces of Team Weber and Team Clark has also proven to be a brilliant move and a positive step for American four-in-hand combined driving.
For more information on Weber and his combined driving team, visit their website at
About Horse Quencher: Horse Quencher is an all-natural blend of grains and flavorings, appropriate for use in FEI level competitions. The sugar content is not generally considered significant, even for IR horses and those otherwise requiring a low-sugar diet. (However, those customers should always consult their veterinarian before using Horse Quencher.) In addition to its primary role of increasing water intake, Horse Quencher is also used to increase acceptance of unpalatable electrolytes. Horse Quencher is available in apple, peppermint, butterscotch and root beer, and in three sizes: single-serving pouch, 25-serving pouch for $29.99, and a 144-serving bucket for $99.00. The new pouches began shipping this week. To find a retailer near you or online, please call 888-QUENCHS (783-6247), or visit Equatic Solutions, LLC , makers of Horse Quencher, distributes in the US, Canada and the UK. Manufactured by Pennfield Feeds, of Lancaster PA, Horse Quencher is packaged at the Center for Educational Advancement where persons with special needs are educated and employed.
Photo: While Combined Driver Chester Weber is drinking in the glory of his recent Silver Medal, his image is gracing the new Horse Quencher Eco-friendly pouch. (Photo courtesy of Horse Quencher
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