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Team Weber and Life Data Labs® Reveal the  Formula Behind 20 Years of Successful Sponsorship
Apr 2016

Team Weber and Life Data Labs® Reveal the Formula Behind 20 Years of Successful Sponsorship

Ocala, FL (April 25, 2016) — Over the past 20 years, Ocala, Florida horseman Chester Weber and the horses he co-owns with Jane F. Clark have achieved remarkable historic accomplishments such as three World Equestrian Games Silver medals, 13 U.S. Equestrian Federation Four-in-Hand Driving National Championships, and a number one slot on the FEI World Rankings. Over the course of those hefty accomplishments, Life Data Labs® has been there with Team Weber, stride for stride, to assure that America’s greatest driving team stays atop the CDE leader boards.

“We’ve been working with Life Data Labs and the Gravlee family since 1996 when I won my first U.S. championship,” said the now-international champion Chester Weber. “I believe in the old adage ‘no foot, no horse.’ I couldn’t be more pleased with Life Data Labs products and how they help us keep healthy hooves on our horses.”

Linda Gravlee, President of Life Data Labs, explained, “Before contacting Dr. Frank Gravlee in 1996, Chester had used Farrier’s Formula and was impressed by its results. Frank fondly describes Chester as an exceptionally kind and honest young man with a deep sense of horsemanship. It was their initial goal to have the best possible hooves on Chester’s horses, and so their partnership began.”

Farrier’s Formula and Farrier’s Formula Double Strength are pelleted hoof supplements that can be added as top dressing on feed or given separately to provide such nutrients as phospholipids, omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and amino acid “protein building blocks”— all key to healthy hooves and coat.

“Personally, from my background with draft horses, I really concentrate on the feet and ensuring that my horses have a good foundation,” Weber said. “It is not without the help of products like Farrier’s Formula that our horses have such lengthy careers.”
Farrier’s Formula supplies the nutrients required for building strong hoof capsule connective tissue in the correct balance and ratio. It also promotes strong and fast growth of the hoof wall, sole, frog, and heel. It provides proper nutrition to “grow out” wall cracks, strengthen and thicken the hoof wall and sole, reduce the likelihood of microbial invasions and bruising, and assist with laminitis recovery. Farrier’s Formula promotes a richer, glossier coat and strengthens connective tissue in the joints and ligaments, and is doping free and can be fed to competition horses. “Chester has proven to be a true champion over and over,” added Gravlee. “For twenty years he’s made us proud to be his sponsor. We believe in his passion for the sport, and his hard work and commitment to horsemanship. We’re sure the future holds more accomplishments for Chester and Team Weber. It’s our honor to continue to partner with such champions.”

Team up with Team Weber and follow every Farrier’s Formula-fueled stride as the team continues in its bid to qualify for the 2016 World Four-in-Hand Championships in Breda this summer. Follow news, live posts, video and photo
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