Rolex W

Rolex is clearly one of the best horses in the driving world! He has an arrogant character and outrageous movement. His beautiful and elegant type gives him the quality that it takes to steal the show. Rolex is currently used in the top team in the left lead in dressage together with his partner Grumus. This horse’s versatility shows through the fact that he as won competitions in all four positions in the team. In the spring of 2005 Rolex has begun to take on the role of a marathon and cones wheeler proving that he is truly an asset on all three days of competition. It has taken three years of thorough training to develop this horse into a star in Weber’s team. Rolex learned most of his driving from Chester Weber and Olof Larsson at Live Oak in Florida. He is a very friendly horse that will do anything to get attention from his human friends, and skillful as he is, he knows exactly how to get the attention he wants

Born: 1997
Sire: Larix | Dam: Dorena
Grandsire: Wilhelms
Breeder: M. de Boer, Holland

Sex: Gelding
Breed: KWPN, Dutch Warmblood
Color: Bay | Height: 164 cm | Weight: 1300 pounds
Previous owner: Michael Freund, Germany