Boy W

Boy has natural talent! At just six years of age he was an international force to be reckoned with. He has an enthusiastic character and extraordinary athleticism. Moreover, his compact stylish uphill type gives him the qualities that it takes to command the respect he deserves. Boy is in the top team in the left and right wheel in the dressage and has developed into a big asset in the lead on both marathon and cones day. It is more than apparent that he does not only make a great partner for Senate, Jamaica or Para in the wheel, he has all of the class and expression necessary to deserve a position in the lead. He has become an alpha leader in the marathon and he is now seasoned enough to help us develop youngsters like Reno. It has taken a cast of characters to develop this star into what he is today. Found as a youngster in Holland by Peter Bennett and then on to Boyd Exell’s program where it became apparent that he was going to be too valuable to be just an indoor wheeler. He was scooped up by Global Team partner Michael Freund who competed with him several times in the 2006 season after Weber acquired him. Boy is a eager and energetic horse that will do anything to please the people around him. 



Born: 2000
Sire: Manno | Dam: Dereda
Grandsire: Wilhelmus
Breeder: S. Daniels, Holland

Sex: Gelding
Breed: KWPN Dutch Warmblood
Color: Bay | Height: 164 cm
Previous owner: Michael Freund, Germany